Limited Edition Mudhouse Prints - Hillary Olson

Limited Edition Mudhouse Prints

To Open (Slowly, Slowly)

This collection of self-portraits was created during my time at the Mudhouse Artist Residency in Agios Ioannis, Crete in 2018. These special fine art prints are limited edition which means only 10-20 prints are made of each image and are sequenced (AP ?/10) and hand signed. See which prints are still available in the captions. To order a print, contact me with the image number and the sequence number. Most of these are printed on 8x12 inch fine art paper from Indie Print lab with a hand-torn edge and a 1-inch border. 8x12 prints are $60 including shipping. Some additional sizes are available such as 11x14 ($75) or 5x7 ($50). See captions for details

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Installation of digital self-portraits, polaroids found journal pages from the abandoned ruins in Agios Ioannis and native Bougainvillea plant. Photography of Mudhouse Artist Residency closing exhibition 2018 by Dayvid LeMmon |

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