Rates for Services - Hillary Olson


WILLING TO TRAVEL: If my schedule allows,  I am willing to travel anywhere in the US for my modeling full-day rate +  a one-way plane ticket. I am also open to traveling to other countries. Contact me for details.

DEPOSITS + CANCELLATIONS:  PLEASE READ CAREFULLY. I often schedule projects months in advance and require a 50% deposit to hold a date for a photoshoot for modeling or photography services. Exceptions may be  made only if we have worked together in the past. The deposit is fully refundable up to 48 hours before the shoot date. After that, the deposit cannot be refunded but it may be used to secure another date in the future. Please note, because of my demanding schedule this may not be for several weeks. If you cancel last minute or under unprofessional circumstances, I reserve the right to refuse another date and keep the deposit as a cancellation fee. Sometimes things are out of your control and I will empathize in those situations, however, it is always best to let me know as soon as possible if something comes up, so that I may schedule other pending projects when openings occur. Thank you for understanding!

Fine Art Photography Commissions

You can hire me for projects that require conceptual photography for marketing or personal promotion, to build or enhance your portfolio or just to treat yourself! Some typically examples include (but are not limited to): model or artist portfolio content, brand promotion, publicity photos for theatrical or dance performances, album artwork or fine art photo sets for your Patreon page. Make sure that you are requesting and expecting photography that aligns with my artistic work. I am not available for photographing events or typical portrait work such as weddings, headshots or senior portraits. I am happy to recommend local photographers who offer these services. 


Rates and availability will be changing after I return from my second residency, to better manage my time and creative focus. Check back after March 1, 2019. Thank you!

Art Modeling

I am available for fine art modeling for photographers and other visual artists. I can model artistic nude, portrait, implied nude, fashion nude, editorial, lingerie, boudoir or  classroom/studio/workshop settings. It is important when posing nude for a person to have clear boundaries, and I am no exception. Please note that these boundaries may be different when working with different people. A big factor that plays into this, is how familiar I am with you and your work. I would be happy to discuss any of my boundaries prior to the shoot date. Failure to discuss your expectations or specific requests prior to the shoot may result in refusal during the shoot and/or not signing releases.

I will sign photo release at the time payment is received - typically at the end of the photoshoot. I accept various forms of payment including PayPal + Venmo. The clock starts at the time we scheduled, and our booking ends after the amount of time we have booked. This includes travel time, MUA, light or set changes, etc. I will not be available past the allotted time we have scheduled and payment for the full hour will be required even if we finish early.

I will work with up to two photographers per shoot so long as all persons are named and photoshoots are scheduled at least one week in advance. So, unfortunately, this means no last-minute friends! I typically do not pose with any models I do not know, however, if you are looking for a tandem/duo set I can assist in finding local models who may be available.

Fine Art Modeling - $150 for the first hour, $100 for each additional hour

1-hour minimum (This means your minimum is the cost of 1 hr even if we don't use all the time)

2-hour minimum for shoots while traveling or outside of the Minneapolis/Saint Paul area.

View fine art modeling portfolio here.

Art Modeling in Studio/Classroom (no photos) - $30/hr

2-hour minimum (can be split over multiple sessions)

Reasonable negotiation is fine depending on location and length of the class. I have experience in long-form posing for painting / drawing classes as well as gesture posing (more dynamic posing for 0-5 minute increments). I will provide my own timer & robe and am I am happy to discuss or plan certain poses in advance.

Art Direction

This can be anything from planning concept to directing models and improvising with materials during the photoshoot. It also may include general assistance during the shoot. All agreed upon materials that need to be purchased, must be reimbursed on the date of the shoot. Rate is for the time I will need to be present on the day of the shoot and my rate includes any preparation or crafting that happens in advance (within reason).

Standard Art Direction / Creative Photoshoot Assistance - $50/hr

2-hour minimum for booking

1-hour minimum for shoots in Minneapolis/St. Paul area that do not require preparation.

Graphic Design Services

I am available to design a variety of digital or printed materials. Pricing varies depending on turnaround time and complexity of the project. Please contact me for availability and a quote.  I also offer packages that bundle photography + graphic design services for theatrical publicity or other appropriate projects:

Standard Graphic Design + Photoshoot Package - $450

1-2 hour photoshoot with 1-4 people, minimum of 50 images

1 standard design such as: one postcard, front/back OR one show poster

Larger packages and additional add-ons can be negotiated for more people, images, or additional design services.

View graphic design portfolio here.

Other Services

Model Hosting - Trade

I live in Minneapolis, MN and am happy to host female/non-male traveling models and artists in a private room so long as I am in traveling. I live with my partner Paris (male) and our cat Tom Foolery. Please reach out well in advance!

Model Escorting - Trade 

This is a service I can provide for model safety and comfort during nude, intimate or erotic photoshoots - especially when working with a photographer for the first time.  I will not participate in the photoshoot other than general assistance when asked. My primary responsibility is to the model and to maintain a safe and professional space for creating images.

Workshop participation or instruction - Pricing Varies

I am available for workshops or events in which my diverse skills can be used and/or my knowledge can be shared. Pricing depends on location, time commitment and general role/responsibility.

Consultations for Creatives- $50/hr

Interested in picking my brain over coffee or Skype? Schedule a consultation on any areas of expertise including (but not limited to): fine art photography + modeling, concept creation and planning a shoot, art direction, movement/body awareness, use of props/materials, photoshop, editing, Instagram, Patreon  or  portfolio review!  I am also available to answer questions or give feedback over email, however all consultation fees are due upfront or with a $50 deposit.

Partnerships - Pricing Varies

I am open to paid partnerships with brands or other creative merchandise if my photography seems like a good fit for collaboration. View my Instagram here. I am also open to trade - especially with artists or ethical brands whose products I could enjoy or use. 

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