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Hillary Olson

Interdisciplinary Artist 

Photographer | Actor | Dancer | Designer | Art Model | Art Director | Farmer | Educator 

My body is both my instrument and my canvas. It is my original language and my primary means of expression and communication. Photography, especially in collaboration, helps me to build inspiring, resourceful connections with other creatives in my community. Travel and intentional time in nature, bring me closer to myself through a better understanding (and deeper empathy) for the rest of the living world. My self-portraiture practice grants me opportunity to explore multitudes of identity, expression, and self-awareness. In addition to photography, I feel at home with any art form that involves consciousness, and curiosity. I believe that the greatest work of art is a person's life, and so I continue to evolve my work and my life in harmony with changegrowth and the responsibility of being human.

Let's make something together.

© Hillary Olson Photography 2018 | Agios Ioannis, Crete<br />
Photographer and Model: Hillary Olson | @scrappyradish<br />
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Training and Achievements

Hillary Olson (@scrappyradish) is an interdisciplinary artist based in Minneapolis, Minnesota with a primary focus in fine art photography. Hillary brings curiosity, empathy and impulse to each of her photoshoots to create  shared experiences through collaboration and  conscious connection.  

Before pursuing self-employment in 2018, Hillary was the Marketing Manager for Brave New Workshop Comedy Theatre in Minneapolis, MN. She has her B.A. in Studio Art (painting) and Theatre Arts (performance) from Hamline University. Prior to Hamline, Hillary studied commercial photography, film photography & graphic design at Central Campus in Des Moines, IA. Throughout most of highschool and college Hillary worked as a photographic editor for a photographer in Urbandale, IA. She also worked as a newborn photographer in Twin Cities  hospitals for three years following her graduation from Hamline. 

Theatre arts and dance were some of Hillary's first introductions to creative collaboration and continue to greatly influence her work. Her experience with improvisational and site-specific movement allow her to create dynamic relationships between the body and its environment. Her most recent acting performances were at the MN Fringe Festival, and productions with Gadfly Theatre + 20% Theatre Company in Minneapolis.

Hillary began life modeling for painting & drawing classrooms starting in 2013 and began modeling for the camera through self-portraiture. She currently poses at many life drawing/portrait drawing co-ops and educational settings around the greater Twin Cities area. Her self-portraits continue to be a large part of her creative habit,  allowing  her to explore the multiplicities of self,  through physical expression, performance and creative installation.

Hillary has been hosted at two overseas residencies this last year: In June, 2018 she attended the Mudhouse Artist Residency in Agios Ioannis, Greece, where she created and showcased self-portraits in the historic Cretan village. In February, 2019 she was hosted at the Casa Na Ilha Artist Residency on the island of Ilhabela in Brazil where she completed projects in self-portraiture, video dance, and mixed-media (photography + painting).

Hillary has farming experience through WWOOF, and has worked at farms in Hawaii (Paka ua o ola farm), California (San Benito Tea Co.), and Chalkida, Greece (Tomataki Farm). In summer 2019, she worked part-time at at a vegetable farm (Hare and Tortoise Farm) in Southeast Minnesota.

Hillary's photographs were also shown at Black Magik Women III (2017) and The Palimpsest Project Showcase (2017) in collaboration with figure drawing artist, Loren Hextall. Her photography was published in the March, 2018 issue of Maiden's Magazine.

When she isn't around the camera, Hillary can be found performing in Twin Cities theatre, growing her skills in the aerial arts (silks), traveling, and gardening. 

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